July 25, 2016 Blog

Whattup weirdos!!!?!

So it’s been way too long since I’ve updated you on what’s happening with me. I’ll keep it short.

I’m just about to head to Montreal for the Just For Laughs Festival as part of KEVIN FREAKIN HART‘s Showcase for his LOL Network. SO DAMN EXCITED. Details HERE!

Then I’m heading over to what’s left of the United Kingdom for a month of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe – I’ll be performing Legally Brown.

After that – to where their bridge is always falling down – London. I’ll be bringing my new show ‘Hussain in the Membrane‘ for two weeks to the Soho Theatre! Tell all your friends and fam, fam!

Oh yeah, I’m killing it on snapchat. Just ask all the uber drivers who’ve caught me filming them mid-snap. Follow me at nazeem_hussain.

And if you’re a Kiwi, not the fruit – but the type of person, I’m coming back for more shows in Auckland in October!!

Apart from that, eat lots of carbs and talk to strangers, because nothing else matters.

Love yas x